Our mission is simple:
Inspire youth around the world to pursue careers that embrace STEAM, with you.

We achieve this by harnessing the arts along withtraditional STEM to create uniquely-branded and bespoke STEAM Kits that weave your brand into beautiful and engaging journeys leaving lasting impressions on your audience.

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What is a STEAM Kit?

A STEAM Kit is a specifically-designed and tested event package that guarantees your outreach team can reliably produce memorable engagement and interaction across a diverse youth demographic.

STEAM Kits are based around workshops, technology demonstrations, performances, and pop-up installations that focus on a specific topic related to your brand mission.

STEAM Kits features


Every kit is unique, tailored to your corporate brand, mission, needs and values.

Our goal is to create strong brand association between your brand and your verticals.

Luxury quality

Inspiring stories. Interactive technology. Real-time media. Striking branding. Elegant packaging.

The quality of our kits will inspire, delight, and awe your audiences.


Storytelling transforms an idea or message into a memorable and relatable experience.

An experience able to create genuine connection and lasting mind share.


The only way to engage an audience’s curiosity is by guiding them to learn with interactive and hands-on experience.

The workshop and demonstration style of our kits is based on this principle.


Each kit contains all necessary resources such as scripts, sensors and microcontrollers, experiments and visualizations, audio-visual media, signage, branding, and more.

Ready to deploy in few easy steps.

Operations support

Our experts will personally deliver the STEAM Kit to you and train your outreach and marketing teams.

We will support you during all the process.

How would a STEAM Kit for your company be?

What people say about our STEAM Kits...

The mixed audience of kids and adults loved My Place in Space interactive performance and willingly joined in the fun. STEAMakers always bring such enthusiasm to communicating science.

Alex Boyd
Coordinator at University College Dublin Festival, Ireland

My Place in Space is a high energy interactive show which kept both children and adults engaged throughout

Hana Ayoob
Coordinator at Cheltenham Science Festival, UK

STEAMakers' show is funny, honest, moving and uplifting. A mixture of stand-up and pop science talk, a reminder to ask ourselves the two most important questions: "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?"

Edel Coffey
Journalist at The Sunday Times, Ireland

While STEAMakers don't shy away from their scientific roots, the technical talk in the show is never alienating or confusing

Justina Ashman
Coordinator at Adelaide Fringe Festival, Australia

Our team


Dr. Niamh Shaw

Performer, scientist, communicator and creative facilitator, Niamh has been merging science and art for over 16 years. Specializing in ideation and creative thinking, she hosts and creates STEAM events for all ages that have toured internationally.


Elburz Sorkhabi

A specialist in creative arts, technology development, and business strategy, Elburz has created large-scale solutions for cutting-edge clients such as Google, Kanye West, Armani, Nike, and more.


Oriol Gásquez

Software and aerospace engineer passionate about education, Oriol has worked in international projects in Japan, Europe and the US, and has led many technical hands-on workshops, talks and mentoring initiatives.


Saho Yajima

Designer, systems engineer and curious creative, Saho has years of experience hosting educational activities to engage youngsters in STEM subjects in a creative way.


We would love to imagine the STEAM kit we can create around your narrative with you.

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